January Meeting Minutes

Meeting: Wednesday, January 3rd, 2024


7:47 PM

Elias Amaya Nelson Hernandez William Conway Andrea Viteritto
Sylvanna Bartholomew Laurie Heimes Gregg smith Hamlet Caminero
Chris Tsiopelas Kyle Oravsky

Agenda and notes

Debit cards All debit cards are to be deactivated – money will provided, coaches are going to sign off, this will help for accountability Please hand in your debit card asap they are.


Speaking at meetings 3-4 minutes, clock used, you get to say how you feel, what is on your mind, etc. minutes will be approved at our meetings.
agenda Will start coming out on paper and be handed out at the meeting. Nelson is willing to provide an agenda ahead of time, 3 days or so ahead of time.


Kyle – wants agenda prior to meeting. Wants to be able to prepare. Nelson will also post a picture on groupme ahead of time.
Fundraising Previous -ornaments, 125.00

Only 41 attendees at Shadybrook, we needed 50 to benefit at all


Jan 15 – Red Robin

Jan 27 – Classic Subs

Jan 30 – Panera

Feb 3 – Honeygrow

TBD – Buffalo Wild Wings

Andrea will start posting on teamsnap for all club teams.

HSC meetings January – 1/4

February – Tuesday, 2/13

March – Wednesday, 3/13

April – Tuesday – 4/9

May – Wednesday – 5/8

June – Tuesday, 6/11

July – Wednesday – 7/10

August – Tuesday, 8/20

September – Wednesday, 9/11

October – Tuesday, 10/8

November – Wednesday, 11/13

December – Tuesday, 12/10

Meetings for HSC will be second week of the month,

Meetings will be at 7:00, starting in February

Mosa update Trophies should come 2/22, mosa hall of fame dinner.

Last game was supposed to be played by 12.10 with standings in by 12.11

Must record forfeits – they want to track who is forfeiting. If it happens at home, we pay the refs, MOSA reimburses.

MOSA needs refs!

Team registration due by February 15

Please print match cards 48 hours before! If someone has

a red card, there will be a red line through their name. Only bill smith can take away a red card. If a ref feels that your player had a head injury and it is reported, there will be a blue line through the player’s name. They want the coach to talk to the parent, get clearance – call or text Bill Conway – he will contact


U13 – stays with a size 4 ball in the fall

Potential – if you win MOSA cup, play against other leagues!

Yellow bands on refs – they are under 18, fines are double… if the ref does not wear the yellow band, that is on them, and they are acting as an adult on their own accord.

bill smith and bill smith will take the blue line off.
Practices in schools Any questions about the school? No.

You can practice outside as needed/wanted

permits Going to work on permits now for next season… Andrea will start sending paperwork in February
Bob smith Yesterday was the first game – rough but good enough 🙂 we must pay the refs. Bill has the money for the refs for the year. Each team will get 200 and will sign off. The club is going to pay bob smith with one check.
Flight night Let nelson know now what flight you are interested in, but there is no guarantee… MOSA does what MOSA wants to do. wolfpack – 1 dragons – premier predators -1 banshees – lowest Warriors – 1/premier
Player rating Wanted in middle and end of season – nelson will be bringing a form. Parents need to be aware why a player is being let go and we need to avoid shock. Nelson will also get a copy. Form will also be the same as at tryouts, with a rating of 1-5. Plan and bring a template to the next meeting, coaches.
Balance teams We need to figure out a way to balance out the teams when we have multiple teams in an age bracket.
tryouts People have voiced wanting to have two tryouts.

However, we are a club that keeps players for the

year. Midseason, Kurt will post the player interest form and coaches will get the results.


Coaches – do some research -when are local clubs holding tryouts? Be ready to share what you find in the next meeting. The goal is to find a more effective tryout date for the club.

cameras For 156 kids, 22,500.00 for each player to have their own account or player profile.

Nelson is proposing that we consider portable lights – if we have permit, we will be allowed at mcp using our own lights.

Permit will be applied for in March. Likely can’t move into the park until March.
hamlet Adding a new player – rich is helping…
Coach discount We will continue the conversation next month
Player hardship Send directly to Nelson or Rich

Gregg asks – is there a standard? We can have this conversation as a club. Nelson will be the ultimate decision maker…

Nelson will follow up with Brian – and see what the protocol is at HTRSA
Jan 6 – 12-2 Rich and Gregg will be here to collect money or payment.

2-3 games can pass before follow up for collection… anyone who doesn’t pay can be barred for the following season.

Nelson and rich will communicate with families about money owed. This is not the responsibility of coaches
Practice jerseys Please let Laurie know – via email Laurie will send invoices to Bill. lheimes1@gmail.com
Player cards Will be on next month’s agenda


Adjourn – 9:11