February Meeting Minutes

Hamilton Soccer Club

Meeting: Tuesday, February 13th, 2024



Item Notes Follow up?
NJYS Player Comeback Tony won comeback player of the year.

Discussion – Frank brings up why he was not invited Nelson and Bill clarify that Damaris was in charge of invites.

Fundraising Red Robin – 59.36

Classic – 50

Panera – 38.18

Honeygrow 19.54

Cookie Kits – 190.00

Eric Todd can be reimbursed at 25.00 for up to 600 hours.

7:00 Start

Jan. Minutes Approved



William Conway Andrea Viteritto Rich Ehrmann
Frank Bisanzio Kurt Bliefernich Kyle Oravsky Hamlet Caminero
Gregg smith Eric Todd Dave Bergren  

Agenda and notes


  Killarney’s – 2/28  
MOSA/league rep Hall of fame dinner – 2.22 Trophies given out on 2.22 flight night – 3.14 BLUE LINE – if someone has a head injury, there will be a blue line. Please print player card by Friday before your game. Only the MOSA president can remove the blue line.
treasurer Email sent to coaches with outstanding balances. 13,000.00 outstanding for spring. As of march 15, payment is due or they need to be on payment plan… contact nelson or rich if needed.

Kyle expresses frustrations that his team has overpaid, is seeking set policies. Follow up is with nelson, bryan, kyle, dave, and possibly rich. A separate meeting will be had.

If coaches have concerns, they are allowed to ask nelson or rich to reach out to the families.

We must remember to pay bob smith ahead of the season to retain our discount.

Updates on teams Cobras – 3-3, tough competition indoor but making progress.

Renegades – 3-3, tough competition also. 2 tournaments coming up.

Infernos – 4 game festivals at Princeton – won the first, invited back for second.

Predators – picking up geo, lost a player for the spring. Won 3 games.

Strikers – 1/3/2 – doing better, getting used to the speed of indoor. Good participation in winter training.

Dragons – playing 2010, 3/2/1 against academy. Solomon is having some school issues; dad has been holding him back. If grades don’t go up, he won’t be back.

Wolfpack – undefeated at bob smith…. Looking for new

Outdoor dates? Training?

Nelson is working on a 9v9 preseason tournament for next season. Permits for mercer county and all middle schools.

YMCA may be an option nelson will reach out.

Gregg has reached out to the high schools about access to the turf fields, but they are 11 v 11 fields…

We have permits at every school. We can mark out


  players, a few prospects, encouraging kids to play rec in spring to get ready for the change. To 11v11

Warriors – doing well… we get better every week. We are 4-2 and tied for 3rd.

Terminators – 5-0-1 playing a tough team this week!

an area and it can be lined.
Template for ranking players Continue to gather, we will continue to discuss  
Bringing guest players May be too late for secondary for dragons, we will set something in place, so we have it in writing

Bryan does not want too many kids on a team. We will standardize the number of players per team with the goal of maximizing player time

Guest player – if you are stuck without a player and bring one in, can we have a standard price. Do they come to training or not?

tournaments Manalapan tournament? They reached out to us and will give us a discount.

Terminators will be going to the fc Bayern tournament. It is by invite.

Frank is requesting funding for sunburst for both teams

Each team will be registered for the Manalapan tournament.
Tryout dates When? March, April, May? Lengthy discussion

Can we host a smaller new player tryout later?

Everyone is allowed to host their own tryout at practice – it can be advertised on Facebook, website… and then we can have a whole June tryout.

March 25-29 tryouts

6-7:30 @ Mercer county park

Kurt will make the flyer


    We will be calling this a talent id
permits Cannot apply for permits until next month- may need to start at Hughes drive. Nelson will distribute a list of all permits available for the club
trainers There are 3 options:

Union – waiting to hear back

Red Bulls – pending prices

Freehold – bob smith trainers?

Kyle wants cost per player for edp for high school and nelson will follow up. Dragons need to be revisited for cost as they are n0t playing two seasons. Kyle wants to do edp fall and mosa spring.
Cost per player? What is the actual cost per player in the club? Nelson will bring it to the next meeting.
4 minutes Frank – other clubs? If you are playing too much on a club pass within the club, are you taking away from the club? Is there an associated fee?

Rich – moment of silence

Kurt – fundraising money from eric – earmarked for club? Video system? Seeking an allocation and wants some of it to go to the strikers. Training sessions, bob smith, etc.

Classroom sessions – education and then walk through on the field to help reinforce concepts.

Allocation of first come first serve for tournaments no, we need to just have an evenly split allocation per team. Should be split by field size… cost per player?

Mayor’s cup?? We can host it, make a little money, grab the local clubs.

Gregg – we do everything too late. Bob smith issue, for

Kyle can donate a motorized projector screen?
  example. We blow too many things off to the next meeting. We miss deadlines, money collection, etc. March 23 – cleanup day – everyone needs to come.

Gregg expresses lack of transparency in the price points and felt like it was not addressed well enough ahead of time. Nelson has emailed his parents to tell them that the fee is higher.

9 players club bags We have 9 players that are waiting on reimbursement from bag purchases… 51.00 credit owed. Send rich a list of those players and any newly added players.

New Business

In house tournament?    
edp Chargers more, does not pay more. 450 each for spring and fall according to frank

125 per season for the rest of the club as per frank

What was the per player cost for edp, asks gregg? Nelson says same cost but an added 50 per player

Edp cost was not discussed prior to acceptance/registration

Going forward, there needs to be an increase in registration fees next

fall, 2024

Next meeting: Ewing sports    


Adjourned: 9:32