March 2024 Meeting Minutes

Hamilton Soccer Club

Meeting: Wednesday, March 13th, 2024


7:07 Start 

Minutes from last month – approved 


Nelson Hernandez William Conway Andrea Viteritto Rich Ehrmann
Dave bergren Kurt Bliefernich Kyle Oravsky Hamlet Caminero
Eric todd  Laurie heimes Frank Bisanzio  Chris Bensch
Sylvanna Bartholomew Gregg smith 


Agenda and notes

Item Notes Follow up?
Fundraising Killarneys – 50.00 check

Honeygrow ~ 20.00


Cheesecake Lady – orders due friday

SkyZone – 3/22, deadline 3/20

5 below – 3/24-3/31

REmind philadelphia union – push again 

Coaches – please push fundraisers to your players. Please try things like coordinating times and visits. 
concessions We can run the stand on Sunday’s, volunteer only – this is more about having things available to families Sylvanna is going to work on kona ice as a possibility

Are we allowed to have bake sales?

League rep MOSA hall of fame dinner, most recent event

8 teams came back with trophies!

Flight night 3/14 – no war stories – ½ move up, ⅚ go down, ¾ stay

Schedule needs to be done a week after flight night – frank

treasurer Preliminary budget done, present next meeting 

27 open invoices – will start sending things on sunday 

3/15 was the first payment deadline


Rich first

Bill second

Nelson also

  • -side note – tell commissioner what is going on ahead of posting and reaching out. Follow the chain of command

Opening day – you need to come out… 3/23 bring your kids, bring your team – 9:00 and on 

Updates on teams Cobras – 5/4/1 tough competition 

Banshees – last day of agility, back outside next week

Strikers – 3/3/4 – speed of the game!

Cyclones – 5/3/2 – player paid, started, stopped, probably has 10 players. There are some 2017s 

Dragons 4/4/2 – outdoor on Saturdays

Predators  – 4/5/1 – new player, moving along, may lose one player

Warriors – 5/4 – played good teams, we lost two players from the fall. We will be looking for a replacement at the id clinic 

Terminators – 6/1/3 – tough competition with guest players. 

Cosmos – 4/3/2 – many new players but great job! 

To add a new player – tell nelson. He will reach out to rich and rich will take over from there. 

Spring only add is 375 plus uniform 

Templates for ranking players  Let’s get this done asap. Please bring printed templates to the next meeting.  MOSA is reviewing how many can be secondary
Pricing for guest players/EDP with trainer and 5 games is 210, plus 50 per tournament

EDP – extra 50 for the year to cover the registration fees, one tournament

EDP secondary pass needs approval and it costs 30.00 for the carding fee

We will be replacing the Manalapan tournament with Voorhees
tournaments 225 more for Manalapan, per team

Voorhees tournament – do we like this?  4 games, you have to earn 1st/2nd

Cyclones follow up by friday with tournament status

We will be doing Voorhees

Let nelson know by 3/22

 if you plan on doing sunburst

Player id session Rich has been sending information to us… 38 registered participants and 14/15 through the old ones
trainers 2 weeks before the season starts

Retaining the same trainers

We lost coach b – hamlet keeps him

Pete goes to the warriors

Kate does wolfpack and banshees 

permits Nelson filed permit…. No nets. Not worth putting nets out with the rains because he wants to line at the same time. They are aerating the fields at hughes drive. We will not get into 3-9 until may. They are tournament fields and require extra work and maintenance. 
4 minutes to talk  Rich – leave game numbers on schedule, Frank, please

Gregg – Rec ends around 5 on Saturday and will also play on Sunday afternoons, we can play Saturday night as travel. There are not enough volunteers – please help when Gregg asks for things. Also has asked rec. Fewer volunteers, more teams, more players

Laurie – is there a cabinet or shelf where we can put some things that players may need? Nelson says he is working on a travel locker. 

Kyle continues to look for follow through. Nelson will forward to kyle, kyle to parents. 

Hamlet – new player – looking for info, may help Saturday…. 

Frank – time frame concerns. We have had several weeks where there were too many teams at once.  Nelson says we are working on a ref assigner by maybe next season. Frank lost a player from both teams. Will be looking for immediate rostering. 9 families have not been credited back for the bags. Nelson says that is coming soon. 

Bill – time… does a lot for both sides. We need to get the parents involved. We are 100% volunteers. 

Gregg – share with social media 
refs Payments will be available in the safe… there will be 3 – main ref and ARx2 – if you do not have 3, put extra money back Do you have any further questions? Talk to nelson. He prefers phone calls. Nelson will be sharing the codes with head coaches. 
Fall schedule Banshees, predators, dragons – past fall, schedule not accommodating longer play time. 


New Business

What needs to  be done?  Gregg will be bringing up annually at our meetings We will also be posting needs for volunteers on social media. Andrea will help Gregg
Picture day  Picture day is coming up. Every single team needs to come. It is mandatory. April 27th  Mandatory attendance at picture day


Adjourned: 9:11