The Hamilton Soccer Club or HamiltonSC is an advanced division of the Hamilton Township Recreation Soccer Association or HTRSA. The HTRSA has been the primary soccer league for Hamilton area boys for decades. There has been a “Travel” division for almost as long. The “Travel” Division moved on to a new complex in 2019. We wanted to recreate the division in 2020 but the pandemic made that too difficult. We have come to discover that to try and remold or fix an existing entity is a monumental task that may never reach fruition.

We have been granted a fresh slate to create a club which prioritizes the player above all else. The experience of our group in the many aspects of travel soccer,  from players to parents an coaches have given us a clear vision of what is right and what is wrong with travel soccer.

Our goal is have you and your child eager to be at every practice and game. The standard we place on play time and multiple position exposure is important to development as well as player and family happiness.