Q. What can I expect as an expense?

The price will vary by team.

The initial fees associated with the Fall season will be more than Spring.

Uniform purchase will be required every 2 years and you can expect to pay 125.00.

The team splits the referee fees which are 140.00 per game for 5 home games equaling 700.00 for the teams playing in a 9v9 and 7v7 format.

Player and Coach carding fee of 15.00 for each season.

MOSA team registration 125.00 for each season divided among team.

HTRSA Fee (This is a fee that helps support the field and complex maintenance and insurance) 50.00 per player per season.

Optional Expenses

Tournaments : Generally a team plays one tournament every season with average costs ranging from 600.00 to 800.00 divided among the team. Estimate  70.00 per player per tournament.

Trainer: The average cost of a Trainer is 100.00 per hour divided by the team.

Winter League: There are a few local indoor leagues that some teams choose to play during winter months. Prices vary but you could estimate between 70.00 and 120.00 per player.

Winter facility rental: There are a few indoor facilities that some teams may wish to rent for indoor training.

Q. What does a typical season look like?

The normal season for Fall will begin with practices starting in August to prepare for an early September MOSA (Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association).

Prior to the season starting a “flight night” occurs in which all teams playing in the MOSA league are sorted out to hopefully a competitive group of teams that will play each other 2 times once home and once away.

The travel time for away games is generally 1 hour or less of travel time each way.

Under normal circumstances teams will practice twice a week for one and a half hours. The weather, field condition’s, and other factors could effect schedules.