June Try-Out

Hello current, former and future HTRSA players and families,

We have received several inquiries of interest in the u13 age bracket for travel soccer.  This is in addition to the teams we have or looking to expand in the u8-12 age brackets.
To qualify for u13, your child’s birth year would be 2009.
As stated before, travel is an extension of the HTRSA program and the same qualities and kids-first approach that brought you to recreation soccer will be emphasized in this program.
The travel season will begin in Fall 2021.  
Here is the link to sign-up ->  https://htrsa.regfox.com/htrsa-travel-sign-ups
We will be participating in the MOSA league. MOSA games are typically played on Sunday and they have a 10 game season with 5 home games and 5 away games.
The tryouts will be on 6/22(Tue) and 6/23(Wed).  We ask that your child make one of the two dates.  We understand that it is the end of school and everyone is looking forward to vacations and may have flown the coup by then. If you are unable to make either day, please reach out to us (travel@htrsa.com) and we will figure out an alternative.
Lastly, additional information is on our website at https://www.hamiltonsoccerclub.com. It is a work in progress as we are still working on it and will post more information as we can.
Thank you!