Pod Cast Series

Hello Everyone

My name is Jim Garretson and I am the commissioner for the travel division ( Hamilton Soccer Club) at HTRSA in Hamilton New Jersey. I am going to start sharing podcast episodes that I have listened to over the last few years (many multiple times) to share my influences on youth soccer coaching. The content will be usually directed at coaches and parents, although some episodes you may decide would be useful for you child to hear. Most of the podcast episodes I am sharing will have a decent sound quality although some have been less than great, but the message and content I feel out weigh the audio quality. I will try to note important time stamps in the episodes to help make your time more efficient, also be aware you can increase the play speed to 1.25. I use the podcast addict on my phone and play them while driving.

My son usually while riding with me asks me not to play them but I was finishing this first one I am going to highlight and he said “Everyone should listen to that.”


I would like to highlight this podcast #253 from CoachingSoccerWeekly with Tom Mura

The first eleven minutes Tom talks about the 8 games he coached over the weekend.  (Just to give you an idea of his experience)  He follows up the summary with a question from a listener which happens to pertain to who takes penalty kicks. The real meat and potatoes of the podcast that really resonated with me and I feel should be heard by every coach and parent that resides in the world of youth soccer is from 16:00 to 34:00 minutes and well worth a listen.